Website Tools

This is a collection of tools that I have found useful for marketing, blogging, and software development.


If you save designed a landing page or a website, then you probably learned about Canva. The website is all about making graphic design easy both digital and print. There are professionally designed templates that are easily customizable and they have a tool for almost everything you can think of. I even designed and purchased my own water bottle for a gift. Anyway, for online marketing and landing pages, the most useful tools are infographics and logo design tools. You can use it for free and only use the non-premium graphics.

Quick Mockup

I hesitated to include this due to its dated looking UI and it is geared towards desktop apps and not web apps. However, the tool is so easy to use with no login and very useful for quick designs. Very Unique UI:) Give it a try.

Visit Quick Mockup